Ny europeisk databas inom tre industrihistoriska områden

E-faith har startat en databas där man vill samla information om:
1. Industrier som visar på destilleringsprocessen av traditionella fermenterade drycker; öl, vin, cider etcetera.
2. Industrier inom traditionella lerprodukter såsom brickor, plattor, takplattor etcetera
3. Traditionella textilhantverk, till exempel vävning. Lyfta produktionen av traditionella europeiska texilfabrikat såsom lin och hampa.
I Sverige finns cirka 1 500 arbetslivsmuseer, flera av dem skulle kunna bidra med information till den nya databasen och på så sätt synliggöra industrisamhällets kulturarv och sitt arbetslivsmuseum.
Så här presenterar E-faith projektet: GENIUS LOCI is an EU co-funded project. Its purpose is to draw attention to the heritage of small-scale industrial enterprises, to (re)valuate their heritage significance and to increase understanding and appreciation by tourists and the general public.

E-FAITH (European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage) is offering its expertise and network to the project.
The following sectors have been identified as priorities for the first phase of the project:

1. the traditional fermented drinks industry (beer, wine, cider,…) and the process of distilling strong spirits from these
2. clay processing industries (bricks, tiles, roof tiles – but also refractory bricks, pottery, drainage pipes, majolica,…)
3. traditional textile crafts (weaving,..) and the production of traditional European textile fibres (e.g. flax, hemp)

We are now developing a database of historic sites, museums and collections, traditional craft workshops and enterprises, and also of the intangible heritage linked to these (such as individuals or organisations who provide training or other sources of knowledge and skills associated with traditional industries, keeping traditions alive to be passed on to future generations).
In attachment we do send you the questionnaire – which we will ask you to forward to associations, institutes and enterprises that might be interested in being represented in the database, asking them to complete the form and return it as soon as possible to the project secretariat.
Addional information and the questionnaire in other languages are available on the web page http://industriana.eu/?q=genius-loci
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you do have any question .

Thanks for your support
Adriaan Linters
gen.-secretary E-FAITH

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